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Let us help you scale your real estate empire and fill in your vacancies.

Whether you have 1 or 100 units, we can help you fulfill your occupancy and income goals. We work with our partners in two ways:

1) Management of your property via corporate housing and STR

2) Being your perfect corporate tenant with guaranteed rental income

What We Offer

Discover our 3-step compliance protocol

Why Does Havana Have a 3-Step Guest Compliance Protocol?

- Havana was founded on a core principle of trust and respect. As a short-term rental company, Havana obtains leases in multifamily apartment communities alongside other tenants as neighbors.

- Havana strives to accommodate the best guests and wants our tenant neighbors to feel safe and secure. Additionally, our protocol decreases the risk of theft, damage, and/or criminal activity.


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 We look forward to partnering with you 

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